Set-up a company

Are you a Trades Professional – Why Set-up a company

Are there advantages of Limited Company over being self employed? YES
As a guide we recommend doing so when your profits are over £20,000

Why should I set-up a Limited Company?
1. Business risk is limited to business assets
2. Improve credibility with clients.
3. Tax and Cashflow advantages
Note: You do not have to be VAT registered until Turnover is £85K+ [2017/18]

Where your Profits after expenses are greater than £15K you are likely to be better off with a limited company structure.

Set-up a company with any name you like, as long as it has not been registered on companies house by someone else.

You need to set-up a business bank account in the name of the Limited Co. This bank account to be used exclusively for your business.

We can fast track the set-up of the Company and Bank Account

Don’t wait talk to us today to take advantage of running a more tax efficient business. It will leave you wondering why you did not do it earlier.

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